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Location of Liechtenstein in Europe
Location of Liechtenstein in Europe


Theme: European Christmas Holiday  Country: Liechtenstein  Languages: German  Unit of Currency: Swiss franc  Locations: Vaduz Year: 2012  Bucket list: Visiting the world’s top 10 smallest countries



  • Spending a few hours in the capital city of Vaduz on a rainy stopover


Strange Encounters:

The train ride traveling through the Swiss and into the Austrian Alps was truly amazing! I realize that it is a bit hard to describe the experience that I had; it is one of those times that you had to be there or in the future experience this incredible journey with your own eyes. With that being said, the best summarization I can present for this unique adventure was one word: PHENOMENAL! The mountainous view, the bright blue sunny sky, and the train gliding along the path of the never-ending train tracks made a portrait in my mind that I will never forget. Along with experience, I was able to travel through a country that I knew little about – Liechtenstein.

With a location nestled in the Alps, it had approximately 55,000 individuals that live within this small country. Ironically, I spoke to a young girl named Angie, who grew up in Liechtenstein and now lived in Vienna, Austria. She told me stories about the royalty of her country and how friendly the people living in the city were. In addition, she mentioned that few tourists visit this location, because mainly they are passing through via train on the railways.

I was very pleased to know that I had discovered a new place and absorbed a great deal of knowledge about the beautiful country of Liechtenstein through a local. It really is a small world!

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