Tempestuous Weather Returning; a Hurricane Question and Answer Guide


 Helicopter Arrival on Western Regent; Gulf of Mexico: Polar Sea 07.2008  I had arrived safely onboard the Western Regent and was thrilled to be on a hard surface in the middle of the vast ocean. I walked up two flights of stairs to reach the conference room, where most of my crew members […]

Embark to the Polar Sea; a Closer Approach to Hurricane Season


The Front View of Polar Sea; Gulf of Mexico 07.2008  Shortly after my Mexico fiesta – “Eagerly Awaiting the Majestic Mexico Venture; Coastal Road Trip,” I received a phone call to pack my bags, in this instance, I had to “attempt” to finish my “To Do” list, kiss Adrian goodbye, and head to the […]

Playa del Carmen the Best for Last in the Majestic Mexico Venture; Reasons Why I Adore Mexico


Boats on Beach; Akumal, Mexico 06.2008 The next morning it was onto our last adventure, “The quest to find the best souvenirs in Playa del Carmen.” This should have been an easy task considering that I danced in one of the hottest night clubs in Mexico last night and knew the location fairly well – […]

Akumal Beach Resort Pool Day; Majestic Mexico Venture Continued


Welcome to Akumal Beach Resort; Akumal, Mexico 06.2008 After I unlocked Mayan civilization – “Majestic Mexico Venture; a Journey Back Through Time,” it was time to rest.  The “Snack Bar” next to the pool looked like a good place to start. One of the main perks about staying in an all inclusive resort was that […]

Majestic Mexico Venture; a Journey Back Through Time


Chillin’ at the Akumal Beach Club; Akumal, Mexico 06.2008 Caribbean Dream Wedding; Akumal, Mexico 06.2008 After arriving safely in Mexico – “Eagerly Awaiting the Majestic Mexico Venture; Coastal Road Trip,” the next morning was the “big day” for Jess’s best friend from college. I just purchased an Olympus Stylus 850SW, which was waterproof, shockproof, and […]

Article in Daily American Newspaper; Personal Accomplishment


Somerset Daily American                                     (Front Page)   Jessica Benford (right) stands in the water with a ninth grade student in San Salvador, Bahamas. The photo was taken in 2005 when Benford received her scuba diving certification. Natives from the Bahamas were taught how to swim and snorkel. (Submitted photo) Degree in marine biology provides adventure […]