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The Voyage of Discovery Phase 1: Part 2 Route in North America
The Voyage of Discovery Phase 1: Part 2 Route in North America


A Close-up of The Voyage of Discovery Phase 1: Part 2 Route in North America
A Close-up of The Voyage of Discovery Phase 1: Part 2 Route in North America


Theme: The Voyage of Discovery      Phase Phase 1: Part 2 Country: United States of America (USA) & Canada   Language:  English & French        Unit of Currency: US dollars & Canadian dollars     Location: USA: Massachusetts, Maine, and Pennsylvania | Canada: Montréal, Québec City, and Toronto         Year: 2015      Bucket list: Having my younger brother, Josh experience Canada for the 1st time



  • Becoming international secret agents for the day and completing missions in Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA at 5 wits

Randomly, we found a unique adrenaline activity to partake in (well 2), the first one was Espionage and the second one was 20,000 Leagues. My little brother, Josh and I were international secret agents. During the mission we had to crawl, jump, and work in teams to infiltrate, investigate and unravel the plot. Each decision that we made affected the storyline and outcome. With cracking safes, hacking computers, and dodging laser beams it was a very interactive experience, and to date one of our favorite adrenaline activities in the Northeastern part of the US.

And, 20,000 leagues had Josh and I solving a half dozen of puzzles to get out of an underwater submarine and reach the surface to safety before the flood gates opened.

10955625_10108462565976834_1621679779507423582_n 11008512_10108462565842104_28935559993334474_n 

  • Experiencing Gillette Stadium for the 1st time



A little background about Gillette Stadium, compliments of Wikipedia – Gillette Stadium is located in Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA, 21 miles (34 km) southwest of downtown Boston and 20 miles (32 km) from downtown Providence, Rhode Island. It serves as the home stadium and administrative offices for both the NFL’s New England Patriots football franchise and the MLS’s New England Revolution soccer team. In 2012, it also became the home stadium for the football program of the University of Massachusetts (UMass), making it the largest football stadium in the Mid-American Conference.



My younger brother, Josh has always wanted to visit Gillette Stadium since one of his favorite NFL teams plays there at every home game —preseason, regular season, and playoffs.

I asked Josh to reveal his impressions of the New England Patriot’s famous stadium. He mentioned the following statement:

“Standing in front of the Gillette Stadium is something that I have always wanted to do as a little boy. Knowing that Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Malcolm Butler, and others played their best on this field was a highlight of my trip here in New England. Not to mention, they did win Super Bowl XXXVI.”

19813_10108462244216644_5406713469153336033_n 11138571_10108462333807104_5542651777165232783_n 11138645_10108462334510694_7941704414993960169_n 11150937_10108462308028764_5034977596867235499_n10155802_10108462334825064_5816384016055734177_n

“To make this experience more momentous, my sister and I were able to capture a few signature jumpin’ photographs next to the stadium.”

11102637_10108462359929754_2019817258190668430_n 11136646_10108462246716634_7515314428555910578_n


Boston and Foxborough, both have been great cities in Massachusetts. The history and architecture of Boston is worth a visit – not to mention the New England Aquarium is very cool.

To top off our time in Foxborough, we tried the locals favorite sliders at a sports pub, Bar Louie, next to Gillette Stadium. We even met a really sweet girl, Courtney who talked highly about the New England Patriots. *Thank you Courtney for your hospitality!

10407893_10108462565288214_8532575345974518281_n 11102952_10108462565617554_8590315610337244493_n 11103024_10108462565343104_681154585789101850_n 11113901_10108462565502784_3583163710011666622_n 11143730_10108462565732324_463901270070463178_n


  • Driving to Île d’Orléans,  across the only bridge from Québec City, Canada to venture around an island where farming and all forms of agriculture thrive year round

As we drove around the island, we were able to check out the areas of Sainte Pétronille, Saint-Laurent, Saint-Jean, Saint François, Sainte Famille, and Saint-Pierre. All of them were unique and offered a bit of history in each destination. The gift shops and artisans were keen for us to sample their cider, terrines, confits, apple butter, and other local delicacies.

11096391_10108462309231354_1459832303223678198_n 11096509_10108462309271274_442384269922594629_n 11053218_10108462298313234_4314675917138802226_n 11050144_10108462603272094_3005055067156919500_n 10930085_10108462309735344_6209602005126287147_n 10928849_10108462611226154_8318924521093572528_n 10928849_10108462604504624_6005123639573316976_n 10730902_10108462604514604_2908122832003220298_n 10610943_10108462611455694_5764121150856612338_n 10521326_10108462603965704_8525359849234119739_n



  • Being part of the development process for Montréal’s Biodome – a portion of our proceeds goes to the exhibit to help create a more accurate representation of the 4 ecosystems

The Montreal Biodome was incredible! Listed below are the 4 ecosystems:

1) The Tropical Forest is a replica of the South American rainforest.
2) The Laurentian Forest is a replica of the North American wilderness. With a large focus on Canada’s environment.
3) The Saint Lawrence Marine Eco-system is an estuary habitat modeled on the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.
4) A polar area that is divided into Arctic and Antarctic.

The best part: an ecosystem of Canada’s backyard, displaying small animals, birds, plants, and trees.

*Important note: GoPros are not allowed in the Biodome – we did not get the memo until after we snapped this particular photo.

Josh & Jess - Montreal Biodome; 2015


Apparently, a few visitors decided to use their selfie sticks for the wrong reason, to capture photographs up close and personal touching the animals. To take it to the next level, a few used their waterproof housing to take underwater photographs of the fish and marine invertebrates. It is a shame, because we both were pretty pumped to get some great shots and videos! Where else in the world can you discover a dome?

IMG_0063 IMG_0087 IMG_0092IMG_0089


We did manage to get this video outside Montréal’s Biodome, and in front of the Olympic Stadium! Notice: I meant to say 4, not 5 ecosystems in the video – currently, the Biodome is looking to add another exhibit!




  • Capturing video and photography at Canada’s Niagara Falls

According to the book, ” Greatest Wonders of the World” written by Vikas Khatr, Niagara Falls is listed as one of The Seven Forgotten Natural Wonders of the World. The other six are Angel Falls, The Bay of Fundy, Iguaçú Falls, Krakatoa Island, Mount Fuji, and Mount Kilimanjaro.

IMG_0123 IMG_0126 IMG_0151 IMG_0155 IMG_0161



  • Experiencing Québec City and learning about its history

The time in Québec City has been amazing! As much as Josh and I do not want to leave this unique destination, Montreal awaits.

Checklist for Québec City:

1) Ate Escargot at Café de paris X

11102696_10108462610103404_8992290259786951536_n 10922596_10108462610537534_5614607765933664811_n 10521326_10108462609339934_4339694282520480991_n 10409037_10108462608531554_3566397455203521697_n 1508034_10108462606126374_1811892917355068003_n 20801_10108462609155304_2375919029787787929_n 11141777_10108462610527554_993504799825276486_n 11150454_10108462609908794_286414139096797931_n11127574_10108462610647314_4587749965412645779_n
2) Learned at least 15 phrases of the French language X

3) Snapped a signature jumpin’ photograph at Île d’Orléans X

4) Tried poutine (cheese curds & gravy) on frites at McDonald’s X

11129645_10108462602428784_7209242599610434345_n 10455091_10108462603282074_8224345134452216876_n
5) Approached by the friendliest locals and given enthusiastic comments on Oakley aka my Jeep Wrangler X

You know you are in Canada, when a sweet gentleman, Kevin, helps you open your door and starts speaking enthusiastically French phrases and contagiously smiling. I was taken a bit by surprise, so I somehow mixed French and Spanish together during our conversation! I am most definitely working on my French, so that I will be ready for cute Canadian guys like Kevin to meet my acquaintance. Who says chivalry is dead?!?

And, this is yet another friendly local that we met on our tour – please meet Jules, a Canadian photographer who came on the island to capture a few shots of nearby skiers. He was more than happy to take a photograph with Oakley and I before his departure. Note: Jules is also featured in the “Friendly Faces around the World with Oakley.”

6) Wondered around the city, and dove into a little taste of Europe X

13921_10108462607728164_1012526493938641921_n 11046704_10108462608297024_7607082026354082096_n 11058668_10108462607473674_363895236370076143_n11134023_10108462606021584_3233914199059606026_n 11050276_10108462605936754_7049851319525069392_n 11102643_10108462606760104_7744227435202444610_n 11121111_10108462608292034_9167898183124903731_n 11137120_10108462611964674_4005136927885510249_n 11143187_10108462606580464_7502148302889672350_n 11149364_10108462609160294_155300603696457275_n 11150605_10108462607513594_1286554946819613896_n
7) Purchased my world tour souvenir, a flag in every country – Canada’s flag X

8) Warmed up by Starbuck’s hot chocolate – it was 23 deg F/ -5 deg C and a windchill of 30mph winds! X

11061759_10108462605332964_2733756616630979074_n 11011728_10108462604589454_2398640130238819337_n 10440709_10108462605273084_3332241441484845069_n

Next stop: Montréal, Québec


  • Visiting Montréal and eating our way around the city with a few locals

Montréal was sweet! Literally, there were loads of desserts to choose from! My little brother, Josh and I met the owner, Steve, of a cozy and delicious establishment known as Restaurant Miami Deli – Open 24 Hr – Ouvert 24hr – oddly enough, he loves Marathon Key, FL as much as we do!




  • Adding to the “Friendly Faces Around the World with Oakley” photography album – a quick pose with a few of the best from Phase 1: Part 2 of the world tour. Including a photograph with one of my favorite professional travel bloggers, Kate McCulley! Before Phase 1: Part 2, I just traveled with her in Central America’s countries, El Salvador and Guatemala! My first group tour! Be sure to check out Adventurous Kate and her ventures around the world!
Jess & Kate; Hanover, MA; USA
Jess & Kate; Worcester, MA; USA


Josh & Kate; Hanover, MA; USA
Josh & Kate; Worcester, MA; USA


aitlyn & Jon; Bar Harbor, ME; USA
Kaitlyn & Jon; Bar Harbor, ME; USA


Jess & Jules; Île d'Orléans, Quebec City, Quebec; Canada
Jess & Jules; Île d’Orléans, Quebec City, Quebec; Canada


  • Acting as Antonia Napier at a Pirate Party hosted by one of my good friend’s group of friends in Bar Harbor, Maine. Of course, Josh was my “father” Governor Napier. Highly recommend attending a Pirate Party!


Details we were given before the event:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 2.29.05 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 2.38.06 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 2.30.45 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 2.31.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 2.32.04 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 2.32.27 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 2.32.55 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 2.33.47 PM


Here are a few favorites of the event:

11150307_10108462567513754_5697307232083401148_n 11150327_10108462567224334_7422158573938585795_n 11148508_10108462567428924_3987484813556203684_n 11148496_10108462567753274_9138883334713780916_n 11139362_10108462575512724_1914703142062479915_n 11102767_10108462576151444_9103347573359720928_n 11094681_10108462567633514_288775253214933478_n 11036703_10108462575487774_3949920310756688136_n 10253942_10108462566790204_8325512441785206903_n 22208_10108462567099584_7237564498180249971_n 17626_10108462576091564_8144592277350048303_n



Hiccups on Phase 1: Part 2:

No matter where you travel in the world, there’s always a chance that something might not go according to plan. Take for instance, the CN tower and its thrill-seeker adrenaline activity “edge-walk.” Unfortunately, it does not open up until next week, so Josh and I will have to come back through here before heading over to Newfoundland later this summer.

Then there’s the copious amount of rain that we had in Toronto (mixed with a strong breeze, rain, and sleet; it definitely created a very “interesting” experience, and a rather cold one as well!)

The good news is that Toronto is known for its food, and one of our favorite dining experiences was at Canyon Creek Restaurant. Here we had an amazing assortment of appetizers, prime rib horseradish-creme sandwich, and tomato roasted chicken penne pasta. All were as delicious as they sound!

It’s that time again where I need to head back to work, and so the journey begins returning to the states! Cross your fingers that we will not get held up in customs and immigration long!

P.S. Here’s a photograph from inside Oakley! One of these times we will upload our karaoke session!

Jess & Josh; Inside Oakley; Toronto, Canada; Ontario; 2015
Jess & Josh; Inside Oakley; Toronto, Canada; Ontario; 2015

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