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White Sandy Beach; Akumal, Mexico 06.2008
Finally after 2.5 months offshore I was home sweet home. I had created a few friendships briefly before I left for my last project – most of the girls were surfers and/or adored the beach. I had the chance to chill with some of the girls – eventually some of them met Adrian during the handful of days that I was home. After I unpacked and unwound in Cape Canaveral for a few days, I had spent my time with Adrian traveling between Orlando and Cape Canaveral. Soon as I knew it my “Majestic Mexico” venture was on its way.  Jess – “Excellent First Impressions; a Guide on How to Give Great, Not Just Good Impressions,” had invited me to her best friend’s wedding as her date in Riviera Maya, Mexico situated in the Quintana Roo state. Since I had a short 2 week holiday before my next unknown project how could I have passed this opportunity? Plus, I love traveling for work, but taking some “me” time and booking a personal holiday sounds like a great idea! Besides, I had time for a 5 day holiday in Mexico. 
Welcome to Paradise; Akumal, Mexico 06.2008
I had arrangements when I was on the Gilavar“6 Humbling Highlights on Gilavar; a Moment of Contentment,” to finalize all of my travel details. The plans were to briefly drive through Cancun, visit Playa del Carmen and Tulum, and finally stay in Akumal during our time there. I had flown with Jet Blue (which was surprisingly quite comfortable) and waited for Jess outside of customs in a little wooded area that had a bar and waiting entrance. As I waited for Jess I looked over the tentative itinerary and highlighted which places I wanted to go. My friends will tell you that I am notorious for organizing events; mainly because being active in a sorority you had to balance your academics and your social life. I always made time for both, which in result, has led me to carefully plan my time. Though, I love spontaneity, I do have a few places that I love to visit. I just never knew which days I would get to visit the sights that I wanted to see. Lucky for me, Jess was also very spontaneous, but enjoyed the occasional planning method. Regardless, I finally met up with Jess and we were headed to the rental car location on the other side of the airport. 
Jess and I; Akumal, Mexico 06.2008
I have been on hundreds of road trips throughout high school and college. I absolutely adore the open road! In this case, we were driving down the coast to the Akumal Beach Resort located in the heart of Maya Riviera on Akumal Bay. I will never forget the feeling that I felt as the wind touched against my face, the smell of saltwater in the air overwhelmed my nose, the taste of salt pressed on my lips, the sight of the vast ocean welcoming me along the beautiful coast, and hearing the waves violently crash against the rocks; my personal definition of “sheer bliss.”
Turquoise Water; Akumal, Mexico 06.2008
Once we arrived at the Akumal Beach Resort we were greeted by a gentleman with a glass of champagne. Definitely not a bad way to start this incredible vacation! Life was good; after all we were in paradise! Akumal Beach Resort was all inclusive, drinks and food included – I highly recommend this package as it was worth the extra cash!
Ocean View from Balcony; Akumal, Mexico 06.2008
Frontal View from Inside Our Room; Akumal, Mexico 06.2008
As we settled down for the evening and finished unpacking our bags I reminisce thinking, “As life passes us by, it is important to remember to treasure these little moments in our lives. Especially, when we have the opportunity to travel in a different country and introduce ourselves to a “new cherished memory.”  
Our Building at Night; Akumal, Mexico 06.2008
My Swimsuit Top Matches Our Walls; Akumal, Mexico 06.2008


Love the Mixture of Green and Yellow in Our Restroon; Akumal, Mexico 06.2008


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