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Halloween Sunset; Massachusetts Bay, Massachusetts 10.2007
What are oceanscapes you may ask? This is scenery that is on the ocean and blended in with a beautiful element – these elements range from the sun, rainbow, fog, clouds, and vivid colors. The sunrises and sunsets were not only spectacular, but absolutely breath-taking. Each and every day there was always scenery to photograph – the sunsets over Boston, Massachusetts were the end to a great night. One of the best sunsets that I saw on this project happened on Halloween night – the orange in the sky mixed in with the darkness that crept around the sun was a great combination. The sun was highlighted with red and orange – both colors created the brightness of the sun to fade. As the sun sunk lower into the land, the red, orange, and yellow shades drifted into the dark sky and disappeared in the mist of the dark clouds. This was your typical scenery that you would see in a movie on Halloween night – this was a lot better! 
All of these photographs were taken in the Massachusetts Bay and are categorized within the month that I took them.
A compilation of my favorite oceanscapes over the months:






















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