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Cotton Candy Sunset; Gulf of Mexico; Polar Sea 07.2008

After the storms had come and went and the darkness had turned to gray, beautiful sunsets were formed. Some of the best daylight skies during my time on the Polar Sea in the Gulf of Mexico– “Embark to the Polar Sea; a Closer Approach to Hurricane Season,” are displayed below.

Sometimes in the darkest times in our lives, a window of light will create the most memorable and inspirational moment in our lives. After the tragedy that struck hundreds of Americans, hope was exactly what they needed. I do not know what is more striking than a vibrant colored sunset overlooking the majestic beauty of mothernature.
I have collaborated my favorite sunsets during the weathering of the storms in the Gulf of Mexico of 2008. In addition, I have added a few shots of the sky before hurricanes consumed the water beneath our feet.
All of these photographs were taken in the Gulf of Mexico and are categorized within the month that I captured them. 
An assortment of my favorite reflections over the summer months:













August is a representation of a pre-hurricane driven sky. While, September is a display of a rainbow through the Polar Sea.

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