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“My footsteps have led into what is my greatest discovery, which is to have the compassion, determination, and motivation to reach my goals and have the ability to make new ones. I want to fully exceed my own expectations and achieve greatness. Most importantly, I want to show the world that one person can make a difference.”


Visit all the countries in the world, according to Lonely Planet that current number is 221. Film and document this experience to show how respectful and beautiful the world really is.

From the beginning of Jessica’s personal travels until her team reaches the final country of New Zealand and beyond, it will be featured in an assortment of online social media content. Anywhere from youtube clips, photographs, country summaries, travel stories, tweets, map updates, and more. Plus these adventures will be filmed and produced along the way. Who knows this might even be seen on TV at one stage. Stay tuned, and thank you for joining us for the voyage!



Jump, soar, swim, propel, leap, glide, board, plummet, abseil, dive, cave, swing, and submerge are just a few good examples of adrenaline-filled activities that will be performed in every country.

Having completed more than 50 unique adrenaline activities in various parts of the world during Jessica’s personal travels, she will now fuel these and others to dive into a whole new level of adrenaline. From hang gliding in the Southern Everglades, sky diving over the Florida Keys, and driving the unbeaten paths in every part of the world with Oakley her Jeep Wrangler, she will continue to push her limitations and enjoy every minute of it!

First Sky Dive; Mossel Bay, South Africa; 2011
First Sky Dive; Mossel Bay, South Africa; 2011



With Jessica’s background as a Marine Biologist and Marine Mammal Scientist, she has played an active role in conserving whales, dolphins, and sea turtles, plus endangered species all over the globe. Her career takes her to new countries and various bodies of water each year. With her passion and motivation to sustain the marine environment that she works in, she will proceed to do this within her own personal travels. Her focus for “The Voyage of Discovery” is to open her eyes to other conservation projects that do not necessarily involve saltwater.

Jessica states, “Having the ability to work with both water and land environments will further expand my knowledge for the life that lives within these environments. A conservation project could be anything from working with sea turtles in Costa Rica, sampling the salmon that grizzly bears forage on in Alaska, to being part of a rescue program with lemurs in Madagascar. If you look at any region, you will find at least one organization that is specializing in a good cause, and that good cause happens to be preserving the environment and its inhabitants through conservation.”

Sea Turtle Hospital Patient; Marathon Key, FL; 2014
Sea Turtle Hospital Patient; Marathon Key, FL; 2014



Children all over the world learn in various environments. A portion of the trip will have the team visiting elementary and secondary schools, local orphanages, universities, and giving guest lectures. With meeting children in different regions of the globe, this will provide a chance to sit back and listen, and get to know some of the coolest kids in the world.

Kid Love; Ifaty, Madagascar; 2013
Kid Love; Ifaty, Madagascar; 2013

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  1. Hi Jessica, one day was in Maine and saw your Jeep..took some pic, love ur job..congratulations…email to me, maybe a take to visit Brazil, im going in November, will ship my truck, to Argentina and travel to Paraguay and Brazil…let me know, i have a space to your jeep will not paying nothing…

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